Fraud Services

Safeguard your money and protect your identity

Highland Bank offers these fraud services:

Online Statements

In addition to the added convenience of receiving your statements online, you will also benefit from the added protection against identity theft. A printed statement, waiting in your mailbox is an invitation to identity thieves.

By signing-up for online statement delivery, you eliminate the opportunity to steal your information from your mailbox. Instead, you are notified by email every time a new statement is available to view online.

Secure Messaging

Submit questions about your account and receive a prompt, confidential response.

Robust Security

Highland Bank has added an extra layer of security. The new standard strengthens the safeguards in place at login by adding steps to verify your identity.

Highland Bank Premier Messenger

Daily financial management requires instant information. Highland Bank’s Premier Messenger combines “event management” with immediate electronic notification so that the moment a specific account event occurs you can be notified by e-mail or an online message.

  • Activity Management System
    No more looking through old statements to search for a specific item. Using our Activity Management System you can now search up to 18 months worth of transaction history by statement date, transaction type, date, amount, or check number (start date of 1/9/09).
  • Email Me My Balance
    Set up internet banking to email you your current balance whenever your balance changes.
  • Has This Check Cleared?
    Use this feature to keep track of the checks you have written.
  • When My Balance is Below…
    Avoid unnecessary fees by sending yourself notification before your account reaches a negative balance or falls below a minimum balance.
  • Did a Direct Deposit Post?
    An email is automatically sent to you each time an ACH posts to your account.
  • Messages
    Click on the Messages link in the Messages Center to view important messages and information from Highland Bank.

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