Our Mission & Values

Our Mission—We are committed to your prosperity.

Committed to:

To be responsible for; to pledge oneself to a position.


  • Customers
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our customers. We strive to go above and beyond expectations in every customer interaction. We offer a full line of products, excellent service, and we build customer relationships based on integrity and respect.
  • Communities
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of the communities that we serve. Our employees participate in the activities of the communities and our charitable giving program enriches lives. By working to keep our communities vibrant, our goal is to enhance the lives and prosperity of everyone living and working in these communities.
  • Employees
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our employees. We value each employee as an essential and integral part of the team with a focus on support, recognition, open and honest communication, skills development, professional growth opportunities and providing the necessary resources and training.
  • Shareholders
    Highland Bank is committed to the prosperity of our shareholders. We create a strong franchise value and market presence. Highland Bank is a family-owned company and we strive to constantly produce value and exceed the expectations of the family. We look to them to continue to challenge us to be the best bank we can be!


Steadily improving conditions, not only in financial circumstances, but also in life, career, business, development and recognition.

Our Values—we believe in:


If you have integrity, nothing else matters; If you don't have integrity, nothing else matters.

Encompasses respect, responsibility, accountability, honesty, professionalism, open communication, solid and ethical character, fairness and trust.


Excellence is integral to everything we do. Demonstrated by our passion to achieve excellence in all aspects of internal and external customer interactions, quality service, execution of our strategic plan, accuracy, dependability and responsiveness.

Franchise Value

The result of profitability, efficiencies, long-term strategic planning, teamwork, exceeding expectations, market presence and creating competitive advantage. By creating and maintaining franchise value, our goal is to consistently be in the top quartile of our peer group of banks based on key financial measurements.

Building Strong Customer Relationships

Highland Bank is dedicated to building strong relationships with our customers. By focusing on and helping to identify the needs of each individual customer, we work to build new relationships as well as strengthen existing ones. Every customer interaction contributes to the building of a stronger foundation.

Our Employees

Engaged, knowledgeable employees are our greatest assets.

Highland Bank is committed to employees by providing skills development, professional growth opportunities, support, resources, feedback, recognition, training and open, honest communication. Working together, we strive to make Highland Bank a great place to work.


Being personally responsible for our own actions, commitments and results including focusing on finding solutions and achieving results. Actively engaging in discussions and then supporting decisions once they are made.