Business Banking

At Highland Bank, we believe that local businesses and professionals are the foundation of our communities.

We are dedicated to providing expertise, resources and services to understand the challenges and opportunities of your business.

Take Your Business to New Heights

Let Highland Bank, one of the most responsive, relationship-based small to mid-size business lenders in the Twin Cities, partner with you. We specialize in meeting the needs and business objectives of growing businesses, their customers, employees and owners.

  • We know that different businesses have different dynamics.

    You'll discover that our employees take the time to thoroughly understand your unique business demands. From entrepreneurial dreams, and small to mid-sized businesses wanting to grow larger. You'll enjoy the service excellence from our knowledgeable and experienced employees.

  • We know your business deserves the best.

    Our experienced lending professionals combine their knowledge with competitive rates and flexible terms to provide sound credit options. In your search for a business banking partner, consider the advantages of our quick response and direct contact with the people who make the decisions.

We offer a variety of services, including:

Business ATM and Debit Cards

Our debit cards are equipped with EMV(Europay, MasterCard and Visa) technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. The cards improve payment security, making it more difficult for fraudsters to successfully counterfeit cards. Most of all, it means greater protection against fraud.

Cardholders can use any Highland Bank or MoneyPass ATM to withdraw money or check balances without paying a surcharge fee! Cardholders have access to over 24,000 ATM's nationwide. Just look for the MoneyPass logo on the ATM or download the MoneyPass Locator App»

Easy to use

Use your personal or small business chip card to make transactions at the same places you do today. For merchants who have chip-enabled terminals, insert your card and approve your purchase. Otherwise – swipe your card as you normally would. For use at ATMs, simply insert your card and follow the on-screen instructions. Remember to take your card when prompted.


Highland Bank debit cardholders use CardValet to turn their card on and off anytime. Set locations where the card can be used and restrict transactions based on merchant type. Establish transaction limits and schedule alerts for certain transaction types.

Added layer of security

The new chip on your card provides additional security when used at terminals and ATMs that are chip-enabled—the data stored on the chip is more difficult to counterfeit or copy.

Accepted everywhere

More terminals and ATMs are becoming chip-enabled throughout the U.S. You'll also enjoy greater acceptance when traveling: Chip technology is common in over 130 countries around the world, including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

No extra cost

Enjoy your new card with chip technology at no additional cost.

Employers, check out our Executive Privileges Plan! »